Garissa's Marginalized Pastoralist family
Welcome to Pastrolist Girls Initiative Here we aim at promoting sustainable development to the marginalised pastoral Youth, Women, Girls and Children by enhancing capacity building through integrated development approach.
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    PGI Program Initiatives Programs are a set of plans that are formulated to address issues that affect the Community. We have improved the welfare of the community by use of sustainable programs that are demand responsive..
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    Undertaken Projects PGI has established several successfuly running projects and more upcoming projects that are tailor-made to impove the lives of marginalized pastoralised women and children of North Eastern Province.
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    Help Support the initiative We have created a platform for both organizations and individual to meet real needs for the pastoral girl through your generous contributions towards some of our project initiatives.
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Pastoralist Girls Initiavite

PGI is a non-governmental organization registered with Kenya NGOs Co-ordination board. The organization was initiated in the year 2001 as a CBO {community based organization} with a membership of 15 people drawn from the North Eastern Province. These are individual who are committed in participation of community based development projects geared towards the development of society.

PGI Mission Statement
To promote sustainable development by enhancing pastoralist capacities through integrated development approaches

PGI Vision Statement
To enable pastoralist communities to realize their fullest potential in order to lead a dignified life

Thematics Areas of intervention
  • Girls Education Program
  • Livelihood Development Program
  • Environment and natural resource management
  • Health program
  • Cross Cutting Areas:- Such as partnership, democracy, human rights, research, youth, and policy advocacy

PGI Logo Cycle
INUA Girls Group (A PGI program)

PGI has been on the fore front in advocating, addressing and lobbying for the rights and plights of marginalised pastoralist children, with a focus on the girl child agenda who are the most disadvantaged in the pastoralist communities. The belief and the notion is that Girls are bound to carryout house work chores and get married. The disturbing factor is that they get married to wealthy old men so as to eradicate poverty from the society. This hasn't been achieved and in the long run the life of the girl child is gambled. Potential and opportunities are neglected. After various trainings that were carried out by PGI to empower these girls, they themselves felt that it is high time that they have a body that will cater for their interest against abusive cultural practices.

INUA- was created during the Girls Training on Gender Based violence, Adolescence and Sexual Reproductive Health. A combination formed from the first letters of the participating schools, a Swahili word meaning UPLIFTING. This is something of their own that they would use to empower other girls on issues of Gender based violence, adolescence, early marriage, F.G.M and sexual reproductive health which is rarely taught at home by their mothers. Hence the Girls organization would be the best thing for them in that they are of the same age group consequently making it easy for them to discuss anything that affects them or are encountering during their growth processes.

INUA Mission Statement
To inspire, generate self empowerment and advocate for the rights of the marginalized pastoralist girl child.

INUA Vision Statement
To provide knowledge to pastoralist girls so as to attain self worth that leads to better life choices and an opportunity to realize full potential.

INUA Girls Objectives
  • Eradicate Gender Based Violence.
  • Eradicate early marriage and FGM
  • Work towards educating the community on girl child rights
  • Advocate for adolescences sexual reproductive rights
  • Ensure girls are empowered and participate in leadership process

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