Bilan Girls Talk

A Space by girls for girls, where girls can safely and comfortably critique, share experiences, exchange ideas and form solidarity through conversations.

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Bilan Girls Talk is a safe space by girls for girls. It is a space that centers girl's narratives and humanizes their experiences. This where girls can safely and comfortably critique, share experiences, exchange ideas and form solidarity through conversations aimed to incentivize social change.

The space aims to help girls to build their confidence and self esteem and in turn break different myths and stereotypes regarding the interactions of girls as a collective. A project of Pastoralist Girls Initiative hopes that in these spaces and the resources provided, girls can start to form sisterhood and see the importance of supporting each other. We understand that as individuals, girls are powerful but as a sisterhood, they are forces that cannot be denied. We believe dialogue is a first step to making social change- as one girl talks, another girl finds her voice and her power .

Bilan Girls talk brings together girls from different stages of life so they can empower each other. Even though there are millions of girls, they all are connected through one common bond: Sisterhood. For that reason, BilanGirls talk is one way for girls to channel sisterhood. Bilan Girls Talk will be an online platform that will be aired once every month with host panelists giving their views and recommendations on current issues affecting our girls with facts. The talk show will be aired through Pastoralist Girls Initiative Youtube Channel, BilanGirlsTalk Facebook Page Live and Live Twitter.

Why Girls Conversation

While girls have different lived experiences from each other, they go through the same exact thing. They all are trying to navigate and make their way in societies where being a girl is still not easy. It is without a doubt that being a girl in this world comes with barriers. Growing up, there are structural systems that teach both girls and boys how to engage in society and thus give each of us our roles in society. From birth, to our interactions with our mothers, to our participation in schools all these spaces socialize girls. They define what it means to be a girl, what womanhood entails, who fits into this narrative and how to perform as a girl. The normalization of the inferiority of girls and the suffering they go through becomes part of our everyday life. In society, girls are told what their place is, what their roles are. Due to the normalization of the gender roles, girls become silenced. It is, therefore, important for girls to be aware of this socialization, talk about their issues, and speak about how they envision themselves locating and using their power. And this can start in spaces and conversations such as Girl Talk.