SHE Advance

SHE Advance Initiative

"Redefining girls today, future women tomorrow".

Adolescent girls fromASAL regions defy barriers and overcome obstaclesto simply to live dignified live. Tackling poverty and the lack of mentorship for the girls who would otherwise be married off at an early age. Poverty/ agro pastoralist lifestyle barriers, cultural sensitivities and the pastoral way of life—which are mutually reinforcing barriers to girls' education—are reflected in the everyday life.Investing in girls' is investing in the future of an entire community.We must ensure girls are at the center of the development.

Bilan Girls Talk

It's a safe space by girls for girls. It is a space that centers girl's narratives and humanizes their experiences. where girls can safely and comfortably critique, share experiences, exchange ideas and form solidarity through conversations aimed to incentivize social change. The space aims to help girls to build their confidence and self esteem and in turn break different myths and stereotypes regarding the interactions of girls as a collective

Girls Camp

Girls Leadership and Mentorship Camp develops the critical leadership and Mentorship skills of girls to support them on their journey to becoming effective change makers in their communities and schools. The girls summit is an annual event with theme "Ignite Power"It gives the girls an opportunity to connect, learn, build confidence and self esteem, ignite hope, dreams and vision for their future, collaborate, increase girl's awareness of and interest in various careers and fields of study .

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